Knowledge Based Tutoring System on Engineering Drawing


This is web based Learning package titled “Knowledge Based Tutoring  System (KBTS)
for teaching basics concepts of engineering drawing for engineering students.”. 
It is an intelligent Multimedia Learning Package and the Learners can use the KBTS
independently at their own pace and place.  The KBTS consists of three modules and for
each modules, concepts are discussed incorporating text, graphics, audio and animations. 
For every concept in each modules , objectives were developed by taking into consideration
 the content matter and the abilities to be developed.  Each objective consists of teaching
points pertaining to that  particular objective. An in-built self test items are included at the
appropriate stages of learning.   

If you are the first Time User


In the above screen, Click on register.   You will be presented with the registration window


Enter the details in the appropriate text boxes and click on register me

For registered users


After registration, login again using your email id and password you had crated while registering



You will be presented window with pretest option enabled

Click on the pretest and answer all the 50 multiple choice questions.  After the completion of the
pretest, you  will presented your answers to all the 50 questions and your score.  Please note that
there is a negative marking system.   For wrong answers, 1/4th of the marks of that question will be
 deducted from your score


Above s a sample question.   You will have to select the required option from the radio buttons and
click on “submit answer”.  Do it for all the 50 questions.  After completion of all the test items,
click on “continue”


Module 1


Now you will be allowed to select module 1.  Study module 1 at your won speed.  
Typically it will take about 45 minutes to complete.


Module 2 and module 3 

After completion of module 1, you will be taken to module 2 and on its completion you will be taken
to module 2.  Typically, Module 2 and module 3 will  take 45 minutes each. . 


Post Test

After completion of all al the three modules, you will be prompted to take the post test.  
Post test is also similar to pre test but with different set of questions on multiple choice pattern. 
There are 50 questions and you will have to  answer all the 50 questions.  
You will get a summary of your choices and your score when you complete the text

 Break :

 As continuous study will be monotonous work, you are advised to take a break
of 15 minutes in between the modules. 

 Contacting us

You can send your queries or suggestions to us using the link shown below

In the following screens, you can enter your details and your message and send to us.  
We will send the response to your email

Using the blog

You can FORUM option to share instant messages.  For that you can use the link

In the following screen you can see the previous blogs as well as enter your comments. 
It will be instantly displayed on the blog with time and data. 
You can use blog even if your are not logged in.



You can use the FAQ link to access the Frequently asked questions as shown below. 
You can use FAQ even without logging in. 

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